Angry Cat memecoin on Solana
ca: BC6QfzFv6vzP45sckpLZs1aF2f8ftrfLV1Q6zvFPRnMZ

Welcome to Angry Cat $Buzzi

Angry Cat Buzzi is a memecoin on Solana inspired by the famous cat named Buzzi, with a massive following of 50k on Instagram. Known for his hilarious angry expressions, Buzzi has captured the hearts of many. Our landing page is dedicated to showcasing the unique charm and humor of Angry Cat Buzzi. Join us in the fun world of memes and cryptocurrency!



All the early $Buzzi fans could purchase $Buzzi tokens on presale to ensure the best rate for the early comers

$Buzzi will be launched on June 15 on the most popular Solana DEX Raydium & Jupiter. With the help of Instagram and telegram callers, the launch will be huge.

To ensure the growth of the $Buzzi coin, the majority of the presale money will be invested to list the coin on CMC, Coingecno, and CEX and of course influencer marketing.


0% buy/sell tax

Total supply 1B

Presale Rate

1 SOL = 800,000 Buzzi

Listing Rate

1 SOL = 400,000 Buzzi